#73 - Tendu

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Every sculpture in The Great Elephant Migration herd is life-sized and modelled from a real elephant, currently roaming the Nilgiri Hills in Southern India. 

Created by over 200 Adivasi artisans from the Soligas, Bettakurumbas, Kattunayakan and Paniyas tribes, each elephant is known by name and personality to these Indigenous communities who live alongside them.

The material they are made from, lantana camara, is an invasive weed whose removal from protected areas benefits wildlife, leaving more space to roam.

Funds raised from the sale of each elephant will be directed to national and global conservation efforts that enable wildlife and humans to live closer together, in harmony.

This sculpture honors the work of Elephant Family USA.

All sculptures are suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

Each sculpture is unique so exact dimensions will vary. 

Material: Lantana camara and steel

Average size: Height: 7.5ft, Length: 12ft, Width: 4ft 

Average Weight: 300kg

Price: $18000*

Delivery for this sculpture:  Post New York exhibition dates - October 2024**

 *The listed price of each sculpture includes a tax deductible donation of $9,000 to The Great Elephant Migration.

​**Delivery times vary depending on the selected elephant in the herd. To ensure timely delivery, please choose an elephant that meets your specific schedule requirements. 

​**Due to the logistical complexities of our migration, all deliveries and installation services will be made exclusively by our logistics partner, IBI Logistics. The use of alternative logistics companies to deliver any GEM elephant during exhibition dates is not permitted.

​**The delivery charges provided at checkout are estimated based on our delivery terms and conditions. Final charges may vary and are contingent upon easy access to the delivery property for vehicles including flat-bed lorries.

​**For deliveries outside of RI, MA, CT, NY, NH, or VT, estimates will be provided. We will contact you to discuss a personalized delivery and installation quote.

#73 - Tendu


spring/summer care

We recommend cleaning and applying 2-3 coats of Osmo Oil to each elephant at the start of spring and at the end of summer.


During the adverse weather of the autumn and winter months, we recommend temporarily storing the elephants inside if you have a suitable outhouse, barn or other covered area. If you don’t have an elephant-sized space available inside, the elephants are also happy underneath a covered terrace or shady tree to help protect them from the rain and snow.

If you wanted to protect your elephant using a temporary cover, we recommend a loose sheet of tarpaulin to encase the elephant from head to toe. Make sure the elephant is completely dry when putting the cover on, as any trapped moisture could be harmful to the lantana. When the adverse weather has passed, remove the cover and allow the elephant to fully dry out.

how to apply osmo oil

1. Osmo Oil must only be applied when the elephant is completely dry. Ideally the elephant would be placed indoors or under a waterproof covering for the duration of the cleaning and varnishing process. 

2. Once the elephant is clean and completely dry, the first thin coat of Osmo Oil can be applied. 

3. Wait a few days until the elephant has dried again, then apply a second thin coat. Repeat for a third and final time. 

4. Allow the elephant to completely dry before returning it to its permanent position outdoors. Osmo UV Protection Oil Clear (420)  can be purchased from Amazon. 5L is enough for 2-3 coats for our largest tusker.

how to clean your elephant

  1. Naturally occurring darkening may appear on the back and head of the elephant. This is normal for lantana camara and will be easy to clean off using a wire brush or stiff bristle brush. 
  2. Once a year you can pressure wash your elephant using water without soap. This will act as a deep clean for the Lantana and keep it looking fresh.

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A collaboration between indigenous artisans, contemporary artists and cultural institutions, The Great Elephant Migration will power human-wildlife coexistence projects and protect migratory animals making spectacular journeys across land, rivers, skies and oceans. Funds raised will benefit NGO's around the world who are helping the human race share space.



Combining the arts, applied conservation and scientific research, The Great Elephant Migration delivers a virtuous circle of positive impacts, for all living beings. The four key impacts include carbon sequestration, sustainable enterprise development, invasive species removal and global coexistence projects.