Aditi Kothari Desai

"As a trustee of the Wildlife Conservation Trust, I am deeply committed to preserving India’s jungles and wild spaces. By conserving elephants, we are not only protecting a majestic and vital species but also safeguarding the precious forests of India, which harbor a myriad of flora and fauna crucial to our planet’s ecosystems. I am immensely proud to be associated with the Great Elephant Migration, where beautiful and meaningful art helps to amplify our message. Additionally, I am delighted to have a sculpture of a matriarch and her baby gracing my garden in Alibaug, India, symbolizing my dedication to this noble cause. All the best to everyone involved!"

Aditi Kothari Desai serves as the Vice Chairperson of DSP Asset Managers Pvt Ltd. (DSPAM), a premier investment management firm in India. She is also the Co-Founder and Vice Chair of CompoundExpress, a fintech company focusing on financial intermediaries. She also sits on the board of the British Asia Trust in India.

At DSPAM, Aditi leads financial wellness initiatives and was pivotal in launching Winvestor, a program designed to empower women with financial knowledge for their economic and long-term security. This initiative includes interactive workshops at leading organizations nationwide, inspiring corporate women to embark on their financial journeys.

A passionate wildlife enthusiast since the age of 10, Aditi is a Trustee of the Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT). This nonprofit organization is dedicated to preserving India's forests and wildlife, operating in 110 national parks and sanctuaries across 17 states. WCT also supports the development of communities living in and around these forests through educational and health programs.

Aditi is an Advisory Board member of Dasra, a nonprofit with over 20 years of experience in scaling and evaluating nonprofits. Dasra helps these organizations refine their business models and connects them with philanthropists, while also advising donors on strategic giving. She is a Trustee of the Hemendra Kothari Foundation, actively participating in educational initiatives in both urban and rural areas. Additionally, she is a Trustee of the Shah PJ Kothari and Shah MVMVB School in Dadar, Mumbai, a long-standing subsidized hostel for underprivileged, academically gifted students with high ambitions.