The Matriarchy

Elephant families are matriarchal with each herd led by an older, experienced female. A family usually consists of a mother, her sisters, daughters, and their babies. Good matriarch decisions balance the needs of the group, avoiding unnecessary travel while remembering when and where good resources are available. The women behind The Great Elephant Migration do just that. Made up of influential women across diverse fields, including environmentalists, philanthropists, writers and creatives, The Matriarchy will rally support for human-wildlife coexistence.

Following installations on the East Coast, we will open the invite to all wild spirits and adventurers to join The Matriarchy in leading the final leg of The Great Elephant Migration by truck, from Yellowstone to Los Angeles in late June 2025​.

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Through their dedication, passion and expertise, these women have been at the forefront of direct efforts to address urgent conservation and environmental issues. They are instrumental in shaping the way we see the natural world and are a driving force behind positive change for the planet.

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These women have made indelible marks across various artistic disciplines. From music to cinema, their creative contributions enrich the cultural landscape of this generation and shed light on some of the environmental challenges facing our planet.

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By sharing important stories, these women are bringing attention to environmental challenges and conservation efforts from around the globe. Through their writing, they help us foster a deeper understanding of our intricate relationship with the natural world and promoted a greater sense of responsibility towards its preservation.

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By leveraging their resources to support initiatives focused on sustainability, conservation and climate action, the generous contributions of these women have significantly helped causes that are fighting to safeguard our future and change the world for better.

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The Great Elephant Migration is supported by some mighty male tuskers, who have twinned with the adult male members of the herd on this journey. Find out more about their work and why they are supporting the project below.