Anoushka Shankar

"I have always loved elephants and this herd are so special to me,  carrying a message of positivity and strength from my motherland, and a call for coexistence between humans and all the living beings that make our world magical. The Great Elephant Migration celebrates the perspectives of so many communities in India, who have at their heart a reverence for the natural world. I stand with the matriarchs them as they lead this joyful trumpet, sent with love from India"

To read a list of Anoushka Shankar’s accomplishments is to read many life stories in one: masterful sitarist; film composer; impassioned activist; the youngest and first female recipient of a British House of Commons Shield; the first Indian musician to perform live or to serve as presenter at the Grammy Awards with nine nominations under her belt, and the first Indian woman to be nominated; one of the first five female composers to have been added onto the UK A-level music syllabus. Immersed from a young age on the world stage, with over a quarter-century’s performing behind her, she is a singular, genre-defying artist across realms - classical and contemporary, acoustic and electronic.