Cristina Mormorunni

"The matriarch of a herd is a protector as much as she is a nurturer. Rematriation is about fierce love. In this migration, I feel the heartbeat of matriarchs, human and more-than-human, giving us the safety and strength we need to heal our world. I am honored to walk alongside the many leaders who embody the beauty and power of rematriation in their own communities, and I am eternally grateful to our ancestors and the visionaries who dreamed a better world before us. Like the matriarchs that guide elephant and buffalo herds, we artists, organizers, and changemakers all rely on the wisdom passed down through generations to catalyze and contribute to the renewal of relationship and rematriation efforts humanity and our home planet so desperately need."

 Issistsáakiiksi/Wolverine Woman - Cristina Mormorunni (Métis/Sardo) is the Co-Founder of INDIGENOUS LED and currently serves as its Director, with responsibility for strategic leadership & creative direction.

She has 30 years of applied experience from the Arctic to the Antarctic leading campaigns & designing bio-cultural conservation strategies for non-profits, foundations & individual donors.

She also serves as the Founder & Principle of the TERRAMAR collective, which provides strategic advice to foundations and non-profits interested in Indigenous-led conservation and the protection of biocultural diversity. She is vaguely obsessed with restoring Buffalo 30M back to Turtle Island (#BuffaloBack-LandBack).