Donna Air

Hell yeh! There is nothing I believe in more than coexistence - it is a basic principle, not just for this project, but for life.

Donna Air is an English actress and television presenter. Since the young age of 10, she has made her fame featuring across the screens of global television and film. With experience across a variety of sectors, Donna is a versatile and highly regarded individual. Donna has also been able to secure fame in the fashion industry, claiming the role of Style Editor at Hello Magazine. She was also fortunate to secure a deal with QVC, orchestrating the release of her own jewellery brand named Little Bird. Donna is also a passionate philanthropist, supporting a range of charities such as Jeans for Genes, Race for Life, Sport Relief and Macmillan Cancer Trust. She supported the 'Coexistence' campaign in London, and is giving her support once again as a magnificent matriarch for the US migration.