Kristin Davis

"I am committed to rallying support for The Great Elephant Migration to help increase awareness of conservation issues and raise funds for vital projects to protect our planet and all who call it home. My love of elephants began in Kenya in 2009, when I unexpectedly found myself assisting with the rescue of an orphaned baby elephant, Chaimu. I have since been dedicated to supporting The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a partner for the Great Elephant Migration, who do inspiring work caring for elephants and protecting their habitat. I am delighted that a sculpture of baby Chaimu will be amongst the herd migrating across America on this magnificent adventure to inspire human-wildlife coexistence."

An active philanthropist, internationally renowned actress and producer Kristin Davis has had the honor of dedicating her time and efforts to serving as a Patron to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and as a Goodwill Ambassador with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. In September 2023, Davis was honored with The Perfect World Foundation Award for her significant contributed to the conservation of the planet’s wildlife and nature, by increasing global awareness of the importance of protecting Biodiversity. Pairing her passions for philanthropy and film, in 2014, Davis executive produced and financed the documentary, “Gardeners of Eden,” about the work the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust does to help the elephants in the fight to save them from extinction, which won numerous honors at film festivals, including the “Elephant Hero” Award in March 2016 at the UN sponsored International Elephant Film Festival, and was a finalist for the prestigious Peabody Award.