Priya Darshini

"As an artist, I feel a profound responsibility to use my art to evoke empathy and compassion. In a world where many feel numb and disconnected from nature and their true selves, my aim is to inspire a renewed sense of connection—to our environment, our communities, and the hope that sustains us through challenging times. Having previously worked closely with indigenous communities and wildlife in the Nilgiris, I am particularly excited to join  this remarkable and visionary project that is a wonderful example of how a transformative idea can have far-reaching and wide impact across many dimensions. The Asian elephant is one of the most magnificent gifts to our world, and it is crucial that we create a safe and nurturing environment where they can thrive."

Born in Chennai, raised in Mumbai, India, and based in New York, Priya Darshini’s distinct style takes inspiration from her diverse cultural and life experiences. Rooted in Classical Indian music, her improvisational mastery, and vast knowledge of music from around the world, Priya’s music is elegant, tranquil, virtuosic, intricately layered, and pushes compositional boundaries while effortlessly weaving her distinct multi-cultural experience into a unique and timeless musical tapestry.

Priya Darshini has consistently used her platform as an artist to advocate for human-wildlife coexistence and animal rights. In 2007, she was part of a team of activists that successfully campaigned to ban the use of domesticated elephants for begging and parading on Mumbai streets. Additionally, she was actively involved in educating locals about coexisting with leopards.

She serves on the Board of the International Wildlife Coexistence Network, and of the Mumbai-based non-profit organization Jana Rakshita – working with underserved pediatric cancer patients, and building educational infrastructure, with a focus on education for girls. Priya Darshini is also an actor, the first Indian woman to complete the 100-mile Himalayan Ultra Marathon, an entrepreneur with her Ultra Marathon company The Wind Chasers, that simultaneously worked towards uplifting the living conditions of indigenous people in various rural parts of India.