“The Great Elephant Migration project is all about establishing an ancient connection between humanity and the wildlife that surrounds us.”

Cher, the global icon, has been synonymous with music, film, TV and concerts but her passionate advocacy for wildlife conservation is equally defining of her illustrious career. As the co-founder of Free The Wild (FTW), Cher has been a pivotal figure in the battle to liberate and rehabilitate captive animals, starting significantly with Kaavan, an elephant who suffered in solitude, locked in chains at the Islamabad Zoo for over three decades. The journey to free Kaavan began in 2015 and culminated in 2020, marking a major milestone for Free The Wild and igniting a global awareness campaign about the plight of animals in captivity. Cher along with her co-founders of FTW have expanded their mission to rescue lions, tigers, bears and wolves, and have collaborated with NGOs to thwart poaching and enhance protections for wild gibbons and leopard cats. Cher's involvement in "The Great Elephant Migration" is a continuation of her and Free The Wild’s mission to ensure that the wild creatures of our planet are not just surviving but thriving. Through this and many other efforts, Cher not only entertains the world but aims to inspire us to take action in protecting our planet's precious wildlife.