Geneviève Britton

“The engines are revving for The Great Elephant Migration and the huge journey ahead! The spirit of this effort chimes with my own, and the connection these majestic elephants make with everyone who encounters them is beyond moving. They spark a curiosity about their incredible story of coexistence wherever they tread. I will be supporting the herd every step of the way as they embark on their cross-country adventure, raising awareness and funds for elephants, lions, bears and so many other animals, as they go.”

Genevieve Britton is philanthropist who is dedicated to supporting conservation efforts. Since living in the Middle East, she has helped bring conservation issues to light and is encouraging a shift in attitudes towards nature preservation through her advocacy. Genevieve created a home for a herd of lantana elephants at the unlikely setting of the Bahrain F1, creating an opportunity to inspire new audiences with their coexistence story. Her collaborative spirit, optimism and passion is inspiring change across the Middle East.