Ranjini M

“I am thrilled that all Lantana elephants will be migrating across the United States. Being part of this project fills me with immense joy, and I believe this opportunity will significantly enhance our community's identity on a global scale. It is truly wonderful that these elephants will carry our message and stories with them throughout this remarkable journey.”

Ranjini, one of the pioneering Lantana Elephant architects, is a cherished member of the herd. Her deep passion for the arts, intertwined with her Bettakurumba heritage, has been instrumental in the creation of these exquisite elephants. With love and meticulous care, Ranjini has sketched each of these magnificent creatures by hand. Her dedication has been so intense that she began to see elephants everywhere—from small patterns on bathroom tiles to the shadows cast by large trees. What started as a childhood mix of fear and excitement at the sight of elephants has transformed into a profound love for these gentle giants. Like a true matriarch, she also mentors others, guiding and teaching them the intricate process of crafting these beautiful elephants.