Vinita Chaitanya

“Home is where the heart is and every living being deserves to have one. Nature is the ultimate artist, the ultimate colourist and inspires every home I design. Supporting The Great Elephant Migration is my way of saying thank you for that inspiration.  The 100 elephants are a love letter from my motherland to encourage the human race, to better share space. What a magical adventure full of meaning…”

Vinita Chaitanya is a renowned interior designer whose work is a testament to her belief in the art and heritage of India. She has been shaping the world of luxury interiors since 1988 with her firm, Prism, which is known for its bespoke, sublime spaces that are a collaboration of her clients' requirements with her artistic vision. Her style, described as 'contemporary classic,' is a blend of sumptuous silks, traditional paisleys, exquisite Indian artefacts, and modern Western elements. Vinita's dedication to her craft and her clients has made her one of the most sought-after designers in India.