Ximena Caminos

I strongly believe in the power of art to bring people together to address the climate emergency. What could be more symbolic of the overlap of the human and animal world than a herd of elephants on Miami Beach? The Great Elephant Migration puts conservation in spotlight and presents an opportunity to learn from the Indian coexistence experience in America. Like The Reefline, The Great Elephant Migration brings together between leading conservationists, designers and artists to raise awareness and funds. We have found this collaborative effort to be an unbeatable formula.”

Ximena Caminos is a renowned cultural entrepreneur and place-maker, celebrated for her unwavering commitment to public art. She is the Chair of BlueLab Preservation Society, CCO of HoneyLab Creative, and Founder of The ReefLine. Acknowledged as a cultural innovator, Caminos has pioneered new ways to engage with contemporary art and cultural expressions, emphasizing the role of culture in community-building, urban development, climate change, and ocean conservation. As the Artistic Visionary Planner for The Underline, the largest public art project in the United States, Caminos has significantly influenced the integration of art in public spaces.

She is the founder and former Chair of Faena Art and served as the Executive Creative Director and partner in Faena Group. Caminos is also an XPrize Ambassador and has received numerous international awards and recognitions, including the Knight Foundation’s Arts Challenge Award and the Arts Champion Award. Currently, Ximena Caminos is leading an interdisciplinary team of experts on the realization and production of The ReefLine, a seven to nine-mile public underwater sculpture park and artificial reef off the coast of Miami Beach, FL. Each reef module for this innovative project will be designed by artists and informed by scientific research.